Aleko AC1400 Electric Sliding Gate Opener – Review

Aleka AC1400

Aleko AC1400 Electric Sliding Gate Opener Review

The Aleko AC1400 gate opener is a worth buying considering the price range and the durability issues. The convenience to purchase online offered me great help and support. The easy slider gate opener has the chassis made of aluminum alloy offering a lightweight and minimized frictional wear and tear hassles. What I really liked about the Aleko AC1400 Electric Sliding Gate Opener is that the installation process was very easy and took very less time. However, you will require some basic equipment to set it. These necessary hardware parts are affordable and are readily available at the local stores.

As regards the technical specifications, I am really happy with this AC powered slider gate opener that operates on the 120V AC power. The product offers the same efficiency to that of any motor running on 1.5 HP. The durability and enhanced user experience of this gate opener model is guaranteed by heavy-duty motor support that can open the gates up to the weight limit of1400 lbs having a maximum length of 50 ft. The company offers the essential hardware support inclusive of the chain measuring 20ft along with the chain mounting equipment. The specifications and support system is strong enough, supporting over 100 remotes.

After 1 year and four months of comfortable usage, I am convinced that the product is going to offer supreme performance in the coming time too. However, it is essential to organize some maintenance work that is not only recommended but also affordable. The company offers an extended warranty of 2 years so you do not have to shell out a single penny during the period. The pricing is great and very budget friendly. You do not have to shell out the money on maintenance costs so it is worth high ROI. People in the damp and moist climate may have problems with the rusting issues but that can be solved with a little bit of DIY caring and maintenance.

The product is lightweight so you can easily install it all alone without taking any help from the professional technicians. However, I would recommend calling a technician since the sufficient instructions are not provided and can cause problems for the people who have not used these gate opener systems before. I personally prefer ordering a PSB for the installation work. In case you are planning to install it all on yourself, then take some time in hand, as it can be time-consuming affair to arrange the things. Take special care to install the magnets properly. They control the operation of the motor and stop it where and when it should. To get the things done perfectly and ensure long duration performance, it is better to call a professional electrician to complete the process.

Barring some small hassles related to the installation issues, the Aleko AC1400 gate opener is a great product to use, guaranteeing superb performance, and low power consumption. The budget friendly gate opener, the motor offers power saver convenience too. The two remotes are provided in the blue box storing the motor. The company offers great customer support. In case of any problem, you can directly contact them on the helpline numbers. 

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