The Mighty Mule FM200 – Review


The FM200 Gate Opener Kit, 12-Ft., 12-Volt Battery Back-Up is a light duty gate opener, which allows you to open the gate while inside the vehicle. The Mighty Mule Gate opener can also be used without getting out of the house to close the garden gate or the front entry gate.

The Many Benefits Attached To The Mighty Mule Gate Opener:

  • The mighty mule gate opener is a remote control device that allows a person to open the gate without having to come out of the home or the vehicle. This facility is really beneficial during peak snow fall or a heavy rainfall. The use of the device is allowed from within the vehicle or the home.

  • Gates up to 12 feet in length and 300 pounds can be operated quite comfortably with the device.

  • The gate opener is powered by an automotive battery or a marine batter which can be recharged using solar panels or AC power.

  • The device is so designed that it can be used with gates that opened by a pull or open action, these gates that open into the property can be secured by the device.

  • The warranty of the Mighty Mule Gate Opener extends to a year, which is provided by the manufacturer.

  • Another benefit for the user is that it requires very simple installation and with the instruction manual DVD provided; the process is further simplified.

Features of the Mighty Mule Gate Opener

  • The length of the cable to the control box is almost 4 feet. The device can be wall mounted also.

  • The gate, when in an open condition sets off an alarm when not closed after a particular time period and then closes by itself. This is a very convenient way for the home owner to ward off unwanted visitors if the gate is left open by mistake.

  • The device is built of steel and is very durable.

  • The device is made available with all the essential hardware that is required for its installations which is well guided by an instruction manual that gives you the step by step guide to install the device.

  • With its dimensions measuring 6 x 8 x 32 inches it is quite compact to fix it anywhere without the worry of allocating too much space for it.

  • The device weighs about 16-17 pounds so carrying it around isn’t too difficult.

This high quality and durable gate opener is a boon for those people who return home quite late and need not step out of the vehicle to open or close the entrance gate. Moreover, in times of bad weather or when one is not well enough to step out of homes this device can be really useful. And most importantly, the entry of the unwanted cattle into your farms or the gardens can be really restricted which is a boon to most homeowners.

Apart from its various benefits, the gate opener is extremely affordable and because it is very durable, there is a lot of savings to look forward to by installing the gate opener. 

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