USAutomatic Double Gate 300 Solar Charged Automatic Gate Opener – Review

US Automatic Solar Charged Gate Opener

USAutomatic Solar Charged Automatic Gate Opener Double Gate Basic Kit

For anyone who wishes to buy a top rated, commercial grade double gate opener, USAutomatic solar charged gate opener is a perfect option. With the specialized energy efficient design, the Sentry 300 gate opener is truly a solar charged product which eliminates the requirement for AC power to charge the battery. With the solar power option, the users can simply install these gate openers in remote areas or in any gate applications where solar charged gate opener is preferred.

About USAutomatic Sentry 300

USAutomatic is a leading design and manufacturing company in USA, providing innovative microprocessor controlled boards for low voltage solar gate operators. Powered by USAutomatic advanced control board designs, Sentry 300 S gate opener provides new features and installation options to its customers. With top quality and reliability Sentry gate opener and double gate kit ensure the best valued products in the industry.

The Plug N Go Design – An Exceptional feature

The top quality design and features set the USAutomatic Sentry 300 gate opener apart from similar products. The plug n go wiring arrangement relieves the user from the hassles of wiring and makes the DIY installation quick and easy.

The Sentry solar charged gate opener is designed for various types of gates. For ornamental iron type gates, the user can install up to 12 feet length having a maximum of 400lbs weight. If there is a farm gate, the length can be up to 20 feet with a maximum weight of 300lbs. 16 feet length and 350lbs weight is the maximum limit for a chain link gate. The gate opener can also be installed on a ranch gate with 14 feet maximum length and 400lbs maximum weight.

General features

USAutomatic Sentry gate opener is powered by a 12vdc battery. The solar panel kit or an AC transformer can be used to charge this battery. The energy efficient design of Sentry gate opener makes it the best solar charged product which can provide up to 8 weeks of perfect functioning without sunlight. With just a 5 watt solar panel it ensures a maximum run of 50 cycles per day. The gate opener kit comes with the transformer and charge controller.

Another great feature of Sentry gate opener is it has auto resetting fuses which ensure motor protection. There are on-board potentiometers in the control board to adjust the stop limits in the system. The linear actuator comes with a compression rating of 1000lbs and puts up 400lbs of thrust. The universal mounting brackets are engineered to fit most types of gate applications.

User-friendly options

If the user wants to install dual gate applications, the sentry 300D dual gate activator kit is a perfect option. The sentry 300D dual gate activator is designed to use along with the 300S solar charged gate opener. The whole sentry gate opener double gate basic kit comes with a linear actuator, junction box, two transmitters, solar panel kit, AC transformer, charge cable extension, control box , battery charge controller, installation DVD, full color installation manual, mounting brackets and cable.


The USAutomatic Sentry solar charged gate opener is covered by a 10 year limited warranty. In this period, first three years warranted against defective material and workmanship and the company will replace or repair the product. An additional 7 year extended warranty is provided which has minimal charges for the affected parts.

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